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                             WASHINGTON, D.C. 20549

                                 SCHEDULE 14D-1
                             TENDER OFFER STATEMENT
                               (AMENDMENT NO. 23)
                      PURSUANT TO SECTION 14(D)(1) OF THE
                      SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 AND
                                  SCHEDULE 13D
                               (AMENDMENT NO. 24)

                         PARAMOUNT COMMUNICATIONS INC.
                           (Name of Subject Company)

                                  VIACOM INC.
                           NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS, INC.
                               SUMNER M. REDSTONE

                         COMMON STOCK, $1.00 PAR VALUE
                         (Title of Class of Securities)

                                  699216 10 7
                     (CUSIP Number of Class of Securities)

                            PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN, ESQ.
                                  VIACOM INC.
                                 1515 BROADWAY
                            NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10036
                           TELEPHONE: (212) 258-6000
          (Name, Address and Telephone Number of Person Authorized to
            Receive Notices and Communications on Behalf of Bidder)

                                  COPIES TO:

                             STEPHEN R. VOLK, ESQ.
                              SHEARMAN & STERLING
                              599 LEXINGTON AVENUE
                            NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10022
                              TEL.: (212) 848-4000

                              ROGER S. AARON, ESQ.
                             SKADDEN, ARPS, SLATE,
                                MEAGHER & FLOM
                               919 THIRD AVENUE
                            NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10022
                              TEL.: (212) 735-3000

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                           Exhibit Index on Page

     This Amendment No. 23 to the Tender Offer Statement on
Schedule 14D-1 and Amendment No. 24 to Schedule 13D (the
"Statement") relates to the offer by Viacom Inc., a Delaware
corporation ("Purchaser"), to purchase shares of Common Stock,
par value $1.00 per share (the "Shares"), of Paramount
Communications Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), at a
price of $105 per Share, net to the seller in cash, upon the
terms and subject to the conditions set forth in Purchaser's
Offer to Purchase dated October 25, 1993 (the "Offer to
Purchase"), a copy of which was attached as Exhibit (a)(1) to
Amendment No. 1, filed with the Securities and Exchange
Commission (the "Commission") on October 26, 1993, to the Tender
Offer Statement on Schedule 14D-1 filed with the Commission on
October 25, 1993 (the "Schedule 14D-1"), as supplemented by
the Supplement thereto dated November 8, 1993 (the "First
Supplement") and the Second Supplement thereto dated January 7,
1994 (the "Second Supplement") and in the related Letters of

     Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the
meanings assigned to such terms in the Offer to Purchase, the
First Supplement, the Second Supplement and the Schedule 14D-1.


          Item 3(b) is hereby amended and supplemented as

          On January 12, 1994, Purchaser's legal advisor delivered to
the Paramount Board a letter that concerns the Offer and which responds
to certain statements made by QVC Network, Inc.'s legal advisor in a
letter, dated January 11, 1994, sent by such advisor to the Paramount
Board. A copy of the letter to the Paramount Board from Purchaser's
legal advisor is filed as Exhibit (a)(52) to the Schedule 14D-1 and
is incorporated herein by reference.


          Item 11 is hereby amended and supplemented to add the
following Exhibit:

        99(a)(52)   Letter, dated January 12, 1994, from Purchaser's
                    legal advisor to the Paramount Board


     After due inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify
that the information set forth in this Statement is true, complete and correct.

January 12, 1994

                                          VIACOM INC.

                                          By      /s/ PHILIPPE P. DAUMAN

                                                 Philippe P. Dauman
                                                 Senior Vice President, General
                                                   Counsel and Secretary


                                                 Sumner M. Redstone,

                                          NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS, INC.

                                          By              *

                                                 Sumner M. Redstone
                                                 Chairman, Chief Executive
                                                   Officer and President


        Philippe P. Dauman
        Attorney-in-Fact under Powers
        of Attorney filed as Exhibit (a)(36)
        to the Schedule 14D-1


     After due inquiry  and to the best  of my knowledge and belief,  I certify
that the information set forth in this Statement is true, complete and correct.

January 12, 1994

                                          BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION

                                          By      /s/ STEVEN R. BERRARD

                                                 Steven R. Berrard
                                                 President and
                                                 Chief Operating Officer

                                 EXHIBIT INDEX

                                                                      PAGE IN
 EXHIBIT                                                             NUMBERING
   NO.                                                                 SYSTEM
- ---------                                                            ----------

99(a)(52)      Letter, dated January 12, 1994, from Purchaser's
               legal advisor to the Paramount Board

                        [SHEARMAN & STERLING]

                           January 12, 1994

The Board of Directors
Paramount Communications Inc.
15 Columbus Circle
New York, NY  10023

Ladies and Gentlemen:

         Yesterday's letter from Wachtell Lipton, on behalf of QVC,
to the Paramount Board was a transparent attempt to tilt the playing
field in its favor and to eliminate the ability of Paramount's
stockholders to make an informed choice between the Viacom and QVC

         On January 7, Viacom increased the cash price of its tender
offer to Paramount stockholders by over $1.1 billion, or more than
$800 million more in cash than under QVC's offer.  In full
compliance with the bidding procedures agreed to by Paramount,
Viacom and QVC, and as required by federal securities laws, Viacom
also extended the expiration date of its tender offer until January
21.  Now QVC, through a disingenuous press campaign and by seeking
inappropriately to pressure you, is seeking to change the rules to
suit its own purposes.

         Viacom's January 7 proposal represents in Viacom's opinion a
substantial improvement for Paramount stockholders.  Viacom
increased the cash in its first step tender offer from $85 to $105
per share, or by over $1.1 billion, while reducing the value (based
on January 6 closing prices) of the common stock offered in the
second step by $900 million.  This represents an improvement in the
blended value of the transaction, based on market prices, of
approximately $200 million, or $1.60 per share.  This was
accomplished by agreeing to sell Blockbuster approximately 22.7
million shares of Class B Common Stock at $55 per share, reflecting
Viacom's and Blockbuster's view of the unaffected trading value of
the Class B Common Stock, and providing to Paramount shareholders
the benefit of the increased cash value of $55 per share paid by
Blockbuster.  Equally important, Viacom dramatically increased the
certainty of the value of the consideration offered in the
transaction by increasing the cash component of the blended value,
based on market prices, from about 55% to about 65%.  This reduces


impact of short-term and deal-influenced price fluctuations on
the overall value of the transaction.  In addition, the
preferred stock remained in place and in Viacom's view should
benefit from the strengthening of Viacom's balance sheet and
diversification of cash flows to be realized by combining
Viacom, Blockbuster and Paramount.

         In addition to the specific changes to the offer
outlined above, Viacom and Blockbuster agreed to merge,
creating a premiere entertainment company which Viacom believes
will significantly enhance the value to Paramount of merging
with Viacom.  Indeed, it is clear to Viacom that the
combination of the three companies will create an even more
diversified company than the Viacom and Paramount combination
considered alone, with greater financial flexibility and
stability of cash flows and the resources necessary to enable
the combined companies to continue to compete successfully in
the quickly evolving entertainment industry.  A
Viacom-Blockbuster-Paramount combination is in Viacom's view an
international powerhouse which should ultimately be reflected
in shareholder value.

         Viacom firmly believes that its current proposal to
acquire Paramount is demonstrably superior to QVC's proposal.
Attached to this letter is Smith Barney's summary analysis
supporting this conclusion.  Viacom believes that its Class B
Common Stock currently is significantly undervalued, and that
calculating the value of its offer for Paramount based on
current trading values therefore significantly understates its
inherent value.  Viacom also believes that the value Paramount
stockholders will ascribe to the Viacom proposal should not be,
and ultimately will not be, determined based upon trading
values created by short-term trading interests, the superficial
press analyses on which QVC prefers to rely, or QVC's campaign
of disinformation.  Rather, Viacom believes that stockholders
will assess (and that the Board in the exercise of its
fiduciary responsibilities should also assess) Viacom's offer
based on the higher percentage of cash offered and an
assessment of the likely long-term trading values of Viacom's
and QVC's securities on an unaffected basis following
completion of the respective transactions.  Viacom is confident
that stockholders, once they understand the facts, will
conclude that Viacom is offering superior overall value.

         Accordingly, it is ludicrous for QVC to suggest that
Viacom's January 7 offer was made primarily or otherwise to
extend the expiration date of QVC's offer in violation of the
agreed bidding procedures.  In any event, Viacom's management
has confirmed to me unequivocally that this was not the case.


         QVC claims that Viacom's announcement of its offer on
January 7 was "abusive and misleading," because it was
announced on Friday afternoon and because the proposal is

         QVC's rhetoric aside, it is important to set the
record straight:

         1.   The bidding procedures were agreed to by each of
    Viacom and QVC and, as the Board is aware, were based
    primarily on the procedures requested by QVC.

         2.   Under the bidding procedures agreed to by QVC,
    Viacom was entitled to raise its offer at any time up until
    midnight on January 7, in which event QVC was required to
    extend its offer.  In fact, Viacom announced its offer
    immediately after finalizing its agreements with
    Blockbuster, following several days of around-the-clock
    negotiations.  Viacom has complied fully with the bidding

         3.   QVC complains that Viacom's offer is
    "front-end-loaded."  In fact, Viacom and QVC are offering
    cash for the exact same percentage of shares of Paramount
    (50.1% of the outstanding shares, plus exercisable
    options).  No doubt it concerns QVC that by offering cash
    for the same percentage of shares as QVC, Viacom has
    illustrated the significant difference in the cash offered
    under the two proposals.  The cash advantage afforded to
                                  ---- ---------
    Paramount stockholders by the Viacom proposal is $105
    compared to $92 for 50.1% of the Paramount shares, or
    $52.50 compared to $46 per share considered on a blended
    basis.  The Paramount board, in establishing the bidding
    procedures, expressed a preference for cash.  QVC itself
    previously touted its cash advantage.  We believe
    Paramount's stockholders will now find the cash
    differential in favor of Viacom to be compelling, given the
    certainty of the value of cash as compared to the recent
    deal-driven volatility in the trading values of the
    securities offered in the two transactions.

         4.   The Viacom offer is not coercive.  The proration
              --- ------ ----- -- --- --------
    rules of the offer, when combined with the "pourover"
    provisions of the bidding procedures, ensure that all
    shareholders will have a full opportunity to tender into
    the winning offer and participate in the cash portion of
    the transaction.  We would remind the Board that QVC
    specifically proposed the pourover provisions as a method
    of ensuring that neither offer would be coercive.


         5.   QVC contrasts its conduct under the bidding
    procedures with Viacom's by claiming it submitted a
    "substantially increased bid on December 20..."  However,
    we would point out to the Board that the $2 per share cash
    increase in QVC's December 20 offer, misleadingly ascribed
    to its not paying Viacom's $100 million termination fee, in
    fact primarily resulted from its slipping in a reduction of
    its minimum condition from 51% to 50.1% (freeing up
    approximately $100 million in cash).  On January 7, Viacom
    simply matched QVC's minimum condition, to allow Paramount
    stockholders to compare "apples to apples".

         Based upon its mischaracterizations of Viacom's
January 7 offer, QVC urges the Board to declare that Viacom's
offer is in violation of the Exemption Agreement, so that
Viacom would no longer be entitled to the rights it would
otherwise have under that agreement.  QVC also seeks other
unilateral changes to the bidding procedures, changes which we
can only assume it believes will increase the likelihood that
it will prevail with its offer.  In effect, QVC is seeking to
have itself declared the "winner", and even refers to its
"rightful victory".

         However, the issue is not QVC's "right" to victory,
for it has no such "right" independent of the Paramount
stockholders' best interests.  The real issue is whether the
                               --- ---- ----- -- ------- ---
Paramount stockholders will be permitted to choose which offer
- --------- ------------ ---- -- --------- -- ------ ----- -----
is superior, as contemplated by the bidding procedures.
- -- --------

         In contrast to QVC, Viacom seeks no special treatment.
We are not seeking changes to the bidding procedures which
could give Viacom an advantage.  We are not threatening to drop
our offer or to pursue litigation against Paramount, as has

         We will continue to play by the rules.  And most
importantly, we will continue to exhort the Board to abide by
the bidding procedures so that stockholders can decide which
offer to accept.  We believe the Board should be and will
continue to be guided by this overriding principle.  Viacom and
its advisors are available to discuss our offer or any of the
foregoing issues with the Paramount Board or its advisors.

                                  Very truly yours,

                                  /s/ Stephen R. Volk

                                  Stephen R. Volk

                         SMITH BARNEY SHEARSON ADDENDUM

I.   Viacom's Revised Offer Is Substantially Improved

     .    Viacom significantly increased the cash portion of its bid

          --  Increased from $85/share to $105/share
          --  A total increase of over $1.1 billion

     .    Viacom greatly increased the certainty of the value of its bid

          --  Cash now represents 65% vs. 55% under its previous bid

          --  Any short term stock price fluctuation will have less impact

     .    Viacom's blended offer improved by approximately $194 million or

               REVISED                                          PREVIOUS
               -------                                          --------

                         Exchange                             Exchange
                 %        Ratio      Value           %         Ratio       Value
                ---      --------   ------          ---       --------    ------
Cash           50.1%       $105     $52.61          51%          $85      $43.35
VIA($47.875)*  49.9%     .00000       0.00          49%       .20408        4.79
VIAB($43.500)* 49.9%     .93065      20.20          49%      1.08317       23.09
Conv.Pref.     49.9%     .30408       7.59          49%       .30408        7.59
                                    ------                                ------
                                    $80.40                                $78.82


*  Price as of 1/6/94 close

II.  Viacom's Announced Merger with Blockbuster Adds Significant Value to a
     Viacom/Paramount Merger

     .    Blockbuster is an extremely well run high growth company

          --  largest retailer of home video products in the world
          --  leading national brand
          --  expected goal to become the largest U.S. music retailer in 1994
          --  distributer of filmed entertainment through Spelling and Republic
          --  significant growth expected in entertainment centers (Discovery

     .  Wayne Huizenga, Steve Berrard and their management team will provide
        significant additional management strength for the combined companies.

     .  Wall Street analysts are extremely positive on Blockbuster as shown by
        the most recent research reports.

     Date      Firm                Rating
     ----      ----                ------
     11/30/93  Robertson Stephens  Buy/Hold
     11/22/93  William Blair       Buy
     11/02/93  NatWest Securities  Buy
     11/01/93  Paine Webber        2-Buy
     10/27/93  Goldman Sachs       Moderate Outperform
     10/21/93  Kidder Peabody      Outperform
     10/21/93  Merrill Lynch       Buy

     .  Blockbuster provides the combined Viacom/Paramount/Blockbuster a strong
        balance sheet, strong cash flow, and earnings diversification.

        -- Combined company is expected to have:

             - market capitalization in excess of $26 billion
             - 1994 cashflow (EBITDA) in excess of $2 billion
             - total debt/capitalization below 42%

     .  The cashflow generated by a combined Viacom/Blockbuster/Paramount will
        be balanced, with each company contributing approximately one-third

         -- This will help offset Paramount's lower cash flow multiple and
            protect against Paramount's more volatile earnings base.

     .    Blockbuster combined with Viacom/Paramount will provide significant
          additional revenue enhancements and cost reduction opportunities

          Revenue Enhancement           Cost Reduction
          -------------------           --------------
          - Retail Distribution         - Distribution
          - Merchandising               - Advertising
          - Multimedia                  - Overhead
          - Cross Promotion             - Purchasing economies
               MTV/music retail         
               Showtime/video rental
               Nickelodeon/Discovery Zone
          - Database marketing
          - Fifth network
          - International
          - Edutainment
          - Live entertainment 

III. Viacom's Offer is Superior to QVC's Offer

     .    Viacom is offering significantly more cash per share than QVC
                         Per Share      Total
                         ---------      -----
          Viacom         $105           $6.5 Billion
          QVC            $ 92           $5.7 Billion
                         ----           ------------
                         $ 13           $800 Million

          --   Approximately $6.52 more per share on a blended basis

     .    Viacom believes its shares are significantly more valuable than QVC's

          --   Viacom is a much larger and diversified company than QVC

          Viacom/Blockbuster            QVC
          ------------------            ---
          - Cable TV Networks           - Home Shopping Cable Network
               - MTV
               - VH1
               - Nickelodeon
               - Nick at Nite
               - Showtime
               - The Movie Channel
               - Flix
          - TV and Radio Stations
          - Significant Cable Operations
          - Joint Ventures
               - Lifetime
               - Comedy Central
               - All News Channel
          - Video rental
          - Music retailing
          - Filmed entertainment
          - Entertainment Centers

          --   Viacom and Blockbuster have substantially more complementary
               assets to Paramount's than QVC

          --   The $3 billion of value created through a Viacom/Paramount
               combination that Booz Allen presented to Paramount is

               -   This represents over $24/share of potential value

          --   Viacom's talented management team has an extremely successful
               track record of generating significant growth and innovation

IV.  Viacom's Stock Price Should be Dramatically Higher than QVC's After a 
     Completed Merger with Paramount

                                      VIA/  PCI/  BV      QVC/  PCI
                                      --------------      ---------
     - % Contribution to Combined
       EBITDA                         32%   34%   34%     25%   75%
     - Pre transaction EBITDA
       multiple (9/7/93*)             16.5x 10.4x 14.0x   15.5x 10.4x
     - Weighted avg EBITDA
       multiple 1994                  13.6x**             11.7x
     - Implied stock price***         $55                 $26

*   Immediately before Viacom's announced merger agreement with Paramount
**  Due to the substantial synergies expected to be achieved, and prospects for
higher growth, the multiple could approach 15x for Viacom/Blockbuster/Paramount.
*** Based upon estimated 1994 EBITDA and pro forma capitalization

     .    Viacom should trade now at $55 based on its weighted EBITDA multiple

     .    Viacom's deal is now trading at a significantly lower 1994 EBITDA
          multiple than QVC's deal

     .    Smith Barney believes QVC's current stock price does not reflect post
          transaction realities

          --   QVC's current price of $39 7/8 implies a multiple well in excess
               of 11.7x, its weighted average multiple - approximately 14.2x

          --   This implies that a management change results is over $2 billion
               of value

          --   QVC has stated it intends to sell Paramount's theme parks and TV
               stations which we believe to represent over 25% of Paramount's
               cash flow

               -    The EBITDA multiple that could be achieved in a sale would
                    be substantially below the multiple paid to acquire
               -    This would further increase QVC's implied EBITDA multiple
                    required to hold its current price

     .    While Barry Diller may be an excellent manager, increasing Paramount's
          inherent growth rate by merely a management change appears unlikely

          --   In any event, Viacom and Blockbuster have achieved equal
               accomplishments without reliance on any one individual

     .    Paramount's lower multiple reflects an expected lower
          growth rate
          --   This growth rate and multiple is in line with its closest
               -    Time Warner
               -    Disney

     .    While improving studio cash flow may be possible, the studio
          represents less than 20% of Paramount's cash flow

     .    The remaining 80% of cash flow represent businesses where the growth
          and profitability can not be easily altered through management change

          -    Publishing               -    Theatres
          -    Madison Square Garden    -    TV stations
          -    MSG Cable Network        -    Theme Parks
          -    USA and SciFi Networks   -    Knicks and Rangers