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Public Debt

Description Coupon Maturity Par Value In Millions)(1) CUSIP#
ViacomCBS Inc. Senior Notes 4.750% 15-May-25  $126 92556H AA5
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 4.000% 15-Jan-26 $347 124857AQ6​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Notes 3.450% 4-Oct-26 $86 92553PBB7​​​​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 2.900% 15-Jan-27 $584 124857AR4​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 3.375% 15-Feb-28 $500 124857AT0​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 3.700% 1-Jun-28 $500 124857 AX1, 124857AV5 (144 A)​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 4.200% 1-Jun-29 $500 124857AZ6​
CBS Corporation Senior Debentures (1) 7.875% 30-Jul-30 $827 925524AH3​
ViacomCBS Inc. Senior Notes 4.950% 15-Jan-31  $1,250 92556H AB3
ViacomCBS Inc. Senior Notes 4.200% 19-May-32 $1,000 92556HAD9
CBS Corporation Senior Debentures (1) 5.500% 15-May-33 $431 925524AV2​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 4.850% 15-Dec-34 $87 92553PAZ5​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 6.875% 30-Apr-36 $1,080 925524AX8​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 6.750% 5-Oct-37 $76 92553PAC6​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 5.900% 15-Oct-40 $300 124857AF0
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 4.500% 27-Feb-42 $46 92553PAL6​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 4.850% 1-Jul-42 $500 124857AJ2​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 4.375% 15-Mar-43 $1,446 92553PAP7​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 4.875% 15-Jun-43 $18 92553PAQ5​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 5.850% 1-Sep-43 $1,250 92553PAU6​
Viacom Inc. Sr. Debentures 5.250% 1-Apr-44 $348 92553PAW2​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 4.900% 15-Aug-44 $550 124857AK9​
CBS Corporation Senior Notes 4.600% 15-Jan-45 $600 124857AN3​
ViacomCBS Inc. Senior Notes 4.950% 19-May-50 $1,000 92556HAC1
Viacom Inc. Fixed to Floating Rate Jr. Subordinated Debentures (2) 6.250% 28-Feb-57 $650 92553PBC5​
Paramount Global Fixed to Fixed Rate Junior Subordinated Debentures (3) 6.375% 30-Mar-62 $1,000 92556HAE7​

1 Originally issued by former Viacom Inc., now known as legacy CBS Corporation

2 The coupon for these debentures is fixed through 2/27/27 (the first call date for this security). From 2/28/27 through 2/28/57, interest will accrue at an annual rate equal to three-month LIBOR plus 3.899%, reset quarterly.

3 The coupon for these debentures will be fixed at 6.375% per year from, and including, the Settlement Date to, but excluding, March 30, 2027. From and including March 30, 2027, at an annual rate equal to the 5-Year Treasury Rate as of the most recent Interest Rate Calculation Date plus (i) for the period from and including March 30, 2027 to, but excluding, March 30, 2032, 3.999%, (ii) for the period from and including March 30, 2032 to, but excluding, March 30, 2047, 4.249%, and (iii) for the period from and including March 30, 2047 to, but excluding, the Maturity Date, 4.999%, to be reset on each Interest Reset Date

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